Friday, February 6, 2009

The Reasoner

The Reasoner ( is a monthly gazette that covers research on reasoning, inference and method, broadly construed. This includes scientific method and philosophy of science.

Please consider contributing to The Reasoner! Pieces are short - up to 1000 words - and can for example develop blog posts and discussion.

In particular, we are looking for monthly columnists who would be prepared to write a piece of 100-1000 words each month on a particular area of research covered by The Reasoner. The idea would be to alert readers to one or two topics that are hot that month (in blog discussion, new publications, conferences etc.). Would you like to write a column on "What's hot in scientific method"? Or some other reasoning-related topic? Just send an email to with an example column attached.

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  1. I especially recommend the June issue (PDF), page 13: comic-book style philosophy of mind!