Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Philosophy of Science at the Central APA

Looking through the Central APA program for later this week, I see at least five sessions of interest to philosophers of science:

Thurs. 1:30-4:30pm
I-F. Author Meets Critics: Bird, Nature's Metaphysics: Laws and Properties
Critics: Marc B. Lange (University of North Carolina–
Chapel Hill), Richard Corry (University of Tasmania)
Author: Alexander Bird (University of Bristol)

Thurs. 5:15-7:15
GII-9. Metaphysics of Science
Colin Klein (University of Illinois–Chicago), “Abstraction and the Shape of Reduction”
Robert Bishop (Wheaton College), “Reductionism Meets Complexity”

Thurs. 7:30-10:30
GIII-1. Idealization in Science

Friday 7-10:00
GIV-10. Authors Meet Critics: Ladyman and Ross, Everything Must Go
Critics: Andrew Melnyk (University of Missouri–Columbia), D. Gene Witmer (University of Florida)
Authors: James Ladyman (Bristol) and Don Ross (University of Alabama–Birmingham)

Sat. 9-12:00
IV-A. Ontological Emergence
Speakers: Karen Bennett (Cornell University) and Carl Gillett
(Northern Illinois University), “A Whole Lot More from ‘Nothing But’: Scientific Composition and the Possibility of Strong Emergence”
Commentator: Jordi Cat (Indiana University)

Did I miss anything?

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  1. Friday 9am:
    II-I. Colloquium: Causation

    Speaker: Luke Glynn (Oxford University)
    “Groundwork for a Probabilistic Analysis of Causation: Some Foundational Issues in the Philosophy of Probability”

    The other papers in this colloquium might be of interest too, but this is the most phil. sci. one...