Saturday, February 21, 2009

Models, Methods, and Evidence: Topics in the Philosophy of Science – Proceedings of the 38th Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy

The first March issue of Philosophical Studies (vol. 143, no. 1) contains the proceedings of the 38th Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy. (Apparently the papers have been coming online one by one since December, but I just found that out, and I'm the guest editor….) The 38th Colloquium was devoted to the philosophy of science, and the proceedings are full of delicious treats for readers of this blog. I can't figure out how to post a useful link (I keep getting pulled back into my own institution's system), but the papers tend to focus on questions about evidence, modelling, or both, and the line-up is as follows: 

Bas van Fraassen, with comments by Helen Longino
Margaret Morrison, with comments by Ron Giere
Elliott Sober, with comments by Michael Strevens
Peter Godfrey-Smith, with comments by Arthur Fine
Nancy Cartwright, with comments by Sherri Roush


  1. Thanks, Chris. I knew the whole issue was online; I just didn't know how to post a link to it without sending people to my institution's library pages.