Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Doctoral Studentships in Bristol

There will be two doctoral studentships as part of the AHRC funded Structuralism project hosted by the Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol (Principal Investigator: James Ladyman).
These fully funded three year studentships are in the following areas:
(1) The student will investigate formal and philosophical aspects of the dependence of the identity and distinctness of entities on other entities. The notions of dependence that are operative here will be considered in terms of abstraction principles and identity criteria.
(2) The student will investigate the status of individuals in physics in the light of recent work by Müller and Saunders on weak discernibility, and Ladyman and Leitgeb on primitive contextual individuality. The student will expand the terms of the debate to take account of field theories, and consider the implications for structural realism.
Further details will be advertised soon but the deadline for applications is expected to be 1st September 2009.
Professor James Ladyman
Department of Philosophy
University of Bristol
9 Woodland Road
Bristol BS81TB
0117 9287609


  1. This is a terrific opportunity. One question: is three years now the norm in UK? (I have expressed reservations about efforts to shorten the length of the PhD in the Netherlands.)

  2. In UK philosophy, there are two typical setups:
    - 1 year masters + 3 year PhD
    - 2 year masters + 2 year PhD