Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PhilPapers General Philosophy of Science Category Structure

The category structure of the General Philosophy of Science area at PhilPapers is undergoing some changes and I'd like to get some feedback from readers about the current category structure.

In particular:

  1. Are there any notable absences?
  2. Are there any superfluous categories?
  3. Would you put any subcategory under a different category or cross-list it somewhere else?
(I answer 'yes' to both 1 and 2 but I'm curious to hear what readers of this blog think)

1 comment:

  1. "Scientific Practice" is a motley, most of which would be better categorized under the heading of "Evidence in Science."

    "Science and Values" is under both "Scientific Change" and "Scientific Practice," neither of which is a great fit. Some things that it belongs with seem to be missing, such as gender in science / feminist philosophy of science, science and policy, and science and democracy.