Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Philosophy of Cosmology Blog!

As many of you already know, the Templeton Foundation has funded a new project in the Philosophy of Cosmology which involves a number of excellent philosophers (including David Albert, Barry Loewer, Tim Maudlin and Dean Zimmerman) physicists, and mathematicians. What some of you may not know is that the project now has a website and a blog associated with it!

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  1. [Comments needed on the theory and help on proving it.]
    The Savage Cosmological Model (SCM)- Basic Premise
    In the SCM you start with a standard pre-big bang singularity. The pre-big bang is similar to a supersaturated solution, with >>10100 nascent micro-black holes. The creation of a single micro-black hole perturbs the system and causes the precipitation of all of the black holes, forming the first stage of the universe, a tightly bound matrix of space-time a little larger than the singularity. The large number of micro-black holes, >>10100, in such a small space afforded that at that time the total entropy of that system was extremely low, giving rise to a high ordered state. Therefore given the present state of the universe and that it the second law of thermodynamics mandates that the arrow of time should flow only in one direction; from the highly ordered low entropy past to the less ordered increase entropy future. The black holes are populated by “wimps” which cause “funnel pits” in this fetal space-time matrix (imagine one of the kids toys that is a ball that has the strings covering it’s surface). If you were able to measure all of the space inside of these black hole funnel pits you would find that the total would be greater than the measureable space of the present universe, and equal the total of the three dimensional space that the universe will (eventually) ever occupy. The large portion of the energy of the micro-black holes evaporate almost instantly but not simultaneously—more like pop-corn kernels in a jiffy-pop container--giving rise to the energy that will fuel the big bang and thus rapid inflation. The inflation is not quite uniform through, and this allows for “clumping” of energy and, eventually, matter, thus giving rise to the structured but non-uniform universe that we see in the form of galaxies. These clumping of energy/matter gains rotational energy from near by micro-black holes. Some clumping is dense enough that some black holes merge and grow large enough to hold the energy/matter together during the inflation stage, after more matter condenses during the inflation stage (expanding gasses cool) more matter is sucked back into these black holes at the center of the galaxies causing these black holes to grow massive, and increasing the rotational energy of the neo-galaxies to the point where a balance is reached and the black hole does not grow, but the galaxy grows because it’s gravity picks up near-by energy/matter. The rotational energy of the neo-galaxy is imparted to the attracted near-by energy/matter, so that the (future) stars at the edge of the galaxy, although too far to be influenced by the gravity of the central massive black hole, still posses a rotational speed that is directly dependent on the size of the central massive black hole.
    Now when the micro-black holes began to evaporate two things happen: first, extremely high energy baryons are leaked out which eventually decay to particles and lower energy baryons, and second, the space inside of the “funnel pits” spring back but not completely. Like a piece of paper crumpled up and then released, it unfurls rapidly at first then less rapidly, pushing the space-time fabric “outwards”. The same is still happening to the universe. Space-time is not a sheet dimpled only by matter and energy clumps but instead possesses >>10100 micro-dimples that are still “relaxing”. This relaxing effect in what we see as the expansion of space, and accounts for the so-called dark energy, while the wimps remaining inside the funnel pits comprise the so-called dark matter. At this time in the history of the universe there is yet a significant amount of space inside of the black hole “funnel pits”, as is also some not yet evaporated wimp matter/energy. This energy/matter is not massive enough to maintain the funnel pit so it leaks out as annihilation/creation particles, and accounts for the dark and/or missing energy/matter of the universe.


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