Saturday, September 22, 2012

Call for Nominations: BJPS Kuhn's SSR Anniversary Virtual Issue

The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science plans to publish a special virtual issue to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. The issue will be composed of specially selected papers on the topic of Kuhn's work that have been published in the journal over the past 50 years, together with a major review essay. The Editors of the journal would like to invite readers to nominate their favourite piece on Kuhn's ideas for inclusion in the journal.

Nominations (one per person only, please) of papers previously published in the BJPS should go to Beth Hannon at

by Sept. 30th

The Editors' decision on what papers to include will be final!

CFP: Ontology and Methodology (May 2013, Virginia Tech)

Ontology and Methodology

Dates: May 4-5, 2013

Special invited speakers:
David Danks (CMU), Peter Godfrey-Smith (CUNY), Kevin Hoover (Duke),
Laura Ruetsche (U. Mich.), James Woodward (Pitt)

Virginia Tech speakers:
Benjamin Jantzen, Deborah Mayo, Lydia Patton, Aris Spanos
  •  How do scientists’ initial conjectures about the entities and processes under their scrutiny influence the choice of variables, the structure of mature scientific theories, and methods of interpretation of those theories? 
  •  How do methods of data generation, statistical modeling, and analysis influence the construction and appraisal of theories at multiple levels?
  • How does historical analysis of the development of scientific theories illuminate the interplay between scientific methodology, theory building, and the interpretation of scientific theories?
This conference brings together prominent philosophers of biology, computational cognitive science, causation, economics, and physics engaged in research into these interconnected methodological and ontological questions.
We invite contributed papers that illuminate these issues as they arise in general philosophy of science, in causal explanation and modeling, in the philosophy of experiment and statistics, and in the history and philosophy of science. We anticipate covering accommodation costs for accepted contributed papers.
Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2013
For further information on submitting a paper or extended abstract, please visit the conference website:
Organizers:    Benjamin Jantzen, Deborah Mayo, Lydia Patton
Sponsors:       The Virginia Tech Department of Philosophy and the Fund for Experimental Reasoning, Reliability, and the Objectivity and Rationality of Science (E.R.R.O.R.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hong Kong PhD Fellowships, Lingnan University

The department of philosophy at Lingnan University, which is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) in analytic philosophy in Asia, is interested in supporting applications for Hong Kong PhD Fellowships. The department is especially strong in philosophy of science, with four of the faculty working in the area, and also has several other members interested in cognate areas such as epistemology and metaphysics.

The Fellowships provide a yearly stipend of 240,000 Hong Kong dollars, which is considerably higher than the median income of local households, in addition to a small fund for research-related travel expenses. They last for three years.

You can find out more about the philosophy department at, and the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship scheme at

Please get in touch with Dr Darrell P. Rowbottom, at, if you are interested in this opportunity! He would be happy to hear from you...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Visiting Fellowships (Sydney)

The University of Sydney is currently inviting applications for one-semester visiting fellowships for either second semester (August to November) 2013 or first semester (February to May) 2014. This program is associated with The Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science (SCFS), a research centre promoting work into the logical, philosophical, and historical foundations of science (further details below). We are hoping to receive applications from leading historians and philosophers of science (including the special sciences and biomedical sciences) at any post-PhD career stage. This is the sixth round of such fellowships and we anticipate being able to offer them each year.

Up to four fellowships are available, and each fellowship will come with a travelling allowance of up to AUD 6,000. These fellowships will provide opportunities for academics on sabbatical from their home institution to spend a semester in a productive and collegial research environment (in a beautiful city), to work with members of the SCFS and with other visiting fellows. It is important that the applicant has a position at their home institution that extends beyond the term of the intended stay in Sydney and is on salary from their home institution for the duration of their intended stay. The allowance is to help offset some of the travelling and living-away-from-home expenses; it is not a salary. The successful applicants will be expected to work on a specific research project currently being conducted in the  SCFS. See the SCFS website for current research projects. One of the aims of the SCFS is to strengthen international links in history and philosophy of science, so expressions of interest from researchers outside Australia are particularly encouraged.

Applications should including a cover letter, a CV, an indication of which of the current research projects you intend to work on and what your contribution to that project will be. Applications should be sent electronically to:

Dr Rodney Taveira
Administrative Officer
Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry
A14, Main Quadrangle
University of Sydney
Sydney, NSW, 2006

by 14th November 2012. Applicants will be informed of decisions by 19th December 2012.

About The Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science
The SCFS is an interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Sydney. We draw together researchers from philosophy, history, history and philosophy of science, science and medicine, with research concentrations in and around foundations of physics, decision theory, history and philosophy of biology, history of early modern science, history of medicine, and decision theory. Senior members of the SCFS include, Warwick Anderson, Stephen Bartlett, Alison Bashford, David Braddon-Mitchell, Mark Colyvan, Clio Cresswell, Ofer Gal, Stephen Garton, Stephen Gaukroger, Paul Griffiths, Ian Kerridge, Dominic Murphy, Maureen O'Malley, Hans Pols, Dean Rickles, Nick Smith, and Karola Stotz. We also have a number of mid-career and junior faculty, as well as several postdoctoral fellows and graduate students associated with the SCFS. Further details can be found on our website:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

CFP: Dimensions of Measurement (Bielefeld, March 2013)

A philosophical and historical conference on "Dimensions of Measurement" will take place March 14 to 16, 2013, in Bielefeld, Germany.

Plenary speakers are Marcel Boumans, Hasok Chang, Nadine de Courtenay, Laura Dassow Walls, Michael Heidelberger, Martin Kusch, Luca Mari, Joel Michell, Mary Morgan, Simon Schaffer, and Eran Tal.

The conference will explore aspects of measurement in the natural, engineering, social, and human sciences and from a variety of philosophical perspectives with Weberian, Foucauldian, logical empiricist, phenomenological, social constructivist and other traditions converging on questions of method, of standardization, of world-making in measurement.

Submissions for individual contributions or symposia (three or four papers) are invited - see for a more detailed call for papers. Submit abstracts for individual contributions (400-500 words) or symposia (1000-1200 words) at  

Deadline: October 30, 2012 (notifications will be sent December 1).

For further information and suggestions, contact the conference organizers Alfred Nordmann ( and Oliver Schlaudt (