Thursday, October 3, 2013

Special Issue on Race in Biology and Anthropology

A special issue of eight articles from STUDIES IN HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF BIOLOGICAL AND BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES on race in biology and anthropology is now available for free downloading at the journal's website:

In the main journal, articles from the current (September 2013) issue connected with this theme include:

* A four-article special section edited by Quayshawn Spencer on whether there's a "space for race" in evolutionary biology after the mid-twentieth-century modern synthesis, with contributions from Lisa Gannett, Alan Templeton and Massimo Pigliucci
* A critical exchange between Adam Hochman and Neven Sesardic on what has and hasn't been established about race and genetics
* An essay review by Petter Hellström of a recent book on the use of genomics to reconstruct the history of world Jewry
* An essay review by Elise Juzda Smith of recent books on the theories and practices of racial science in the nineteenth century

Other articles in the issue include:

* Elliott Sober on why trait fitness is not a propensity (but fitness variation is)
* John van Wyhe on why it's OK after all to describe Darwin as the Beagle's naturalist
* Marshall Abrams versus Denis Walsh on whether natural selection is or is not a cause in its own right
* Lara Huber and Lara Keuck on how animal models in biomedicine work
* Essay reviews of recent books on everything from the decline of bloodletting to the ties that bind evolution and rationality
* Oren Harman on what to make of the growing presence of neuroscience in criminal court cases

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