Friday, November 18, 2011

Sorry, Catarina!

I believe that people should apologize for their mistakes. So, in order to be coherent with my principles, I should apologize for making some unfair remarks about Catarina Dutilh Novaes (in reply to some of her comments in a recent highly-charged thread). I now regret having made those remarks and I'd like to take them back publicly and offer my sincere apologies to Catarina. I would also like to apologize to the other contributors and the readers of this blog for failing to live up to its standards as both a contributor and an administrator. Finally, I would also like to thank Catarina for being so gracious about all this and to fellow contributor Mohan Matthen for helping me to see the error in my ways. I will now remove the incriminated comments (as I would have done if someone else had made them).

Sorry, Catarina! (and no more late-night blogging for me!)


  1. Wow Gabriele, I don't know what to say :) It's very decent of you to write this. Needless to say, apology accepted.

  2. Thanks, Catarina.

    I have to hold myself to the same standards I hold others to.

    Let me add that I hope you and other readers readers can understand how dealing with a large amount of (unpublished comments by) a couple of very prolific trolls might have coloured my reaction to your comments. Of course, I do not take that to excuse those comments, which, as I said, were unfair and unwarranted, but at least I hope it can partially explain them.