Thursday, April 28, 2011

Conference: Philosophy of Cosmology (May 6-7, UWO)

Philosophy of Cosmology Workshop
May 6-7, 2011 University of Western Ontario

Cosmology poses unique challenges to physicists and astronomers in the collection of data and in the interpretation of that data's relation to theory, both as evidence for existing theory and as inspiration for new theory. Philosophers of science have spent a good deal of the past century investigating the relations between theory and evidence. This workshop aims to bring together philosophers and physicists, in order to broaden and deepen what mutual discussion there already is between the two fields. The workshop will include papers on the epistemology of galaxy simulations, theoretical and observational problems regarding dark energy, and alternatives to dark matter and dark energy (modified Newtonian dynamics). Go to the conference website for a full list of titles and abstracts.

Confirmed Speakers: Niayesh Afshordi (Perimeter Institute), Céline Cattoën (Alberta), Bill Harper and Dylan Gault (UWO), Dragan Huterer (Michigan), Stacy McGaugh (Maryland), Priyamvada Natarajan (Yale), Simon Saunders (Oxford), and Lee Smolin (Perimeter Institute)
This workshop is sponsored by the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, the Department of Philosophy, the Dean of the Arts and Humanities, and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UWO.

The workshop will be followed by the annual LMP graduate conference in philosophy of science, on May 8-9, with George Smith (Tufts) as the invited keynote speaker.
There is no fee to attend the workshop, but please send an email message to rotman "at" with the subject line "Cosmology Workshop," and indicate the number of people planning to attend. You can also send inquiries about the conference to the same address.

Organizing committee: Chris Smeenk (chair), Erik Curiel, Dylan Gault, and Bill Harper

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