Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Second Young Researchers Days & Workshop on the Relations between Logic, Philosophy and History of Science

September 6-7, 2010, Palais des Académies, Rue Ducale / Hertogstraat 1, Brussels.
If you happen to be in the Low Countries next week, this should be fun:


  1. Any recommendations on hotels in the area?

  2. Alas, no. (Not a native of Brussels.) I normally use booking.com or kayak, but this time the hosts are putting me up.

  3. I'm pleased to see a non-negligible number of women among the contributed papers, but it's too bad that the lineup for invited speakers is male-only...
    Also, nice to see that my masters student Nicola di Giorgio will be presenting his work on the philosophical significance of non-standard models of arithmetic.

  4. Points well made Catarina. (Luckily, I was not involved in organizing the workshop.) It is important to keep raising awareness about this.

  5. Catarina,

    We've seen this sort of problem before.

    I hear that there is a very disturbing problem of under-representation of women in the academy in Europe. Obviously two is not enough data-points to make conclusions from, but it is nevertheless quite unfortunate.

    Its worth linking to Feminist Philosophers' Gendered Conference Campaign.

  6. Hi Matthew,

    Yes, it's an old problem, alas... Very good indeed that you put a link to the Feminist Philosophers' Campaign here (they were the ones responsible for turning me into a bit of a feminist, actually!).

    As for whether the problem is mainly an European problem, that's not the impression I get. My feeling is that gender imbalance in the profession is a ubiquitous problem, but I don't have data to corroborate that. I hope I'm wrong, though :)

    Incidentally, I presented a paper at the Tilburg conference discussed in the post you linked above. It was a very nice conference, very nice atmosphere, but indeed it was a bit of a shame that the lineup of keynote speakers was 100% male. There were quite a few women among the contributed papers, but of course the important message that needs to be sent is that conference organizers should pay particular attention to this issue when making their list of *keynote* speakers; that's when they have full control over what will happen.

  7. Catarina, you will note during the next few weeks that the workshops that I host will do better on this score....