Wednesday, April 7, 2010

*Newton and Empiricism*

Saturday and Sunday, 10-11 April 2010
Center for Philosophy of Science
817 Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh , PA USA
Everyone welcome. Registration is requested but not required. To register, please contact

Saturday Morning
8:30 Continental Breakfast
9:00 Katherine Dunlop, Brown University:, "Apriorism and Empirical Science in Barrow and Newton’s Metaphysics (of Space and Time)"
10:15 Coffee
10:30 Mary Domski, University of New Mexico, "Newton’s Empiricism in Cartesian Context: Revisiting the Argument for Space in De Gravitatione"
11:45 Lunch
Saturday Afternoon
1:15 Matthew Priselac, University of North Carolina, "Newton on Substance"
2:30 Coffee
2:45 Ori Belkind, University of Richmond,"The Divisibility Criterion in Locke and Newton"
4:00 Coffee
4:15 Invited Speaker: Lisa Downing, Ohio State University, "Locke's Metaphysics and Newtonian Metaphysics"

Sunday Morning
8:30 Continental Breakfast
9:00 Tammy Nyden, Grinnell College, "Living force at Leiden"
10:15 Coffee
10:30 Yoram Hazony, Shalem Center, "Newton and Hume: A Reappraisal"
11:45 Lunch
Sunday Afternoon
1:15 Geoff Gorham, Macalester College, "Locke and Newton on Time and Space"
2:30 Coffee
2:45 Erik Curiel, London School of Economics, "On Newton’s Third Rule of Reasoning in Philosophy"
4:00 Coffee
4:15 Chris Smeenk, University of Western Ontario, "Quantitative Empiricism"
Philip Catton
Robert DiSalle
Ed Slowik
David Miller
Gordon Steenbergen
Hylarie Kochiras

Program Committee:
Zvi Biener, Western Michigan University
J.E. McGuire, University of Pittsburgh
Eric Schliesser, Ghent University

Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh

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