Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thanks to the Bloggers

On August 12th, Eric posted a new comment on downward sloping demand curves. I was reminded that the original discussion occurred in the context of an "economic parable" I posted, in which I casually touted this possibility.

The ensuing discussion was lively and very interesting. I would just like to mention that the economic parable is part of a paper entitled "Drift and 'Statistically Abstractive Explanation'" which will appear in the October 2009 issue of Philosophy of Science. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who read and commented. In the published version, I specifically thank Thomas Basbøll and Eric Schliesser.

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  1. I was glad to help. I hope you mention the blog, too (I'm sure you have). I first noticed the effect of the blogosphere on philosophical discourse when I read Jason Stanley's Knowledge and Practical Interests, which mentions Certain Doubts. I think it is a healthy development.